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Commissioning a Print

What type of commission work do you do?
I am a printmaking artist who specializes in relief printmaking. I take a limited number of commissions each year and prefer work that aligns with my style (nature, architecture, etc).


What type of image can I commission?

Relief printmaking is created by carving an image into a block. That image is then printed onto paper (much like a stamp). Due to the nature of this process, it is difficult to get many colors in one image. In general, I work with only a few colors for each print.


Legally, I cannot copy the work of another artist or photographer. If you would like me to work from an image, it needs to be an artwork created (or a photograph taken) by you. If that is not possible, I will need to work from multiple images so as not to infringe on copyright.


Whichever image you commission, I will take artistic license to create the artwork in my own unique style.

What if I am not happy with how the commission turned out?

The more involved you are in the planning process, the less likely this is to happen! If you do not love your artwork, you do not need to purchase one. I will still collect the design fee, but all other fees are waived.


How do you price commissions?

Each commission has three standard fees: a design fee, the artwork price, and shipping. Additional costs include any additional copies of the print, additional colors, sole ownership, digital file, and matting/framing.

How do I get a quote for a commission?

Fill out the form on this page with a description of the artwork you would like to commission. I will get back to you as soon as possible with pricing information!

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