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MacRostie Art Center Exhibit

The Big Little Show - Treasures from the Northwoods

May 6 - June 25, 2022

MacRostie Art Center

Grand Rapids, MN

Artist Statement

When I moved to Grand Marais, Minnesota in 2019, I knew that I was choosing a life in the northwoods to raise my family. I did not, however, expect that the northwoods and my family would be some of my only companions for the next two years as the pandemic unfolded. The roles of mother and artist (both relatively new to me) were paired with the phrase “stay-at-home” in ways I never expected.

Like many, I coped by going outside. I took daily walks in all seasons where I noticed the natural world in new ways and appreciated the comfort of the woods more than ever. I found this time both challenging and beautiful.

Printmaking is a process I have come to love for its combination of the creative and methodical. I enjoy the repetitive nature of carving, printing, and editioning. It reminds me of the art and practice of taking daily walks – there is always something new to discover, yet I am grounded by the slow and meditative pace.

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