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Quarantine Art Activities: Monet!

This week we are diving into the work of Claude Monet! The resources below were created by a graduate school friend of mine, Ms. Budd, who is an elementary art teacher. Visit her website for the complete list of resources and activities!

Marker Tie-Dye

Source: @woodstockelementaryart


  • Markers

  • Aluminum foil

  • A spray bottle with water

  • White paper

  • Collage Materials

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Ages: Elementary to Middle School

Why I Like It: This activity is playful and surprising! You will enjoy learning a "watercolor" technique that requires no paint!


Source: @woodstockelementaryart


  • Camera

Ages: All Ages

Why I Like It: This photography activity helps you to think like Monet. He paid very close attention to how shadows change throughout the day. This activity asks you to choose an object and photograph it throughout the day to observe and document how the shadows change!

Water Lily Garden

Source: @woodstockelementaryart


  • Crayons

  • Watercolor

  • Paper

Ages: Elementary to Middleschool

Why I Like It: Ms. Budd created a timelapse video of her completing this painting. Find it on her instagram page! You will see how she started her drawing with crayons. After the drawing was complete, she used watercolor on top of the crayon, using the technique of watercolor resist!

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