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Social Media Detox

I took the month of August off from social media. Here are a few reflections…

It was easier than I thought! I think it definitely helped that the first week was spent camping with limited cell service - a change of scenery and routine eased the transition.

I am still addicted to my phone. After a month, I still reach for my phone when I’m bored. However, I am much more likely to put it down quickly.

My attention span for phone/device-related things is much better. When I pick up my phone, I feel more focused on what I want to use it for, rather than getting easily distracted by notifications and mindless scrolling.

I made progress on both essential and non-essential to-do lists! A few things I enjoyed…

-Books: The Nightwatchman by Louise Erdrich and Violeta by Isabel Allende

-Snail Mail: I sent (and received!) snail mail to friends and strangers!

-New prints: I finished three new woodcut prints

-Class: I took a community printmaking class with my oldest (who was by far the youngest in the class!)

-Food: We have a bountiful garden this year (thanks to my husband!) and we have enjoyed harvesting, munching, cooking, and preserving!

-Adventures: I went camping for a week, took a day trip up the Gunflint Trail, and enjoyed the daily “adventures” of witnessing my three year old learn to pedal bike and my 6 month old master the art of crawling!

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