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Virtual Vacation: Lesson 5

Step 1: Make

To begin, find a few examples of photographs or artworks that relate to your vacation. If your destination is a real place, you could look at a local museum or gallery. You might even be able to do a virtual tour! If your destination is an imaginary place, you can search a related topic. Children's book illustrations often depict imaginary places, so you might find an illustrator to research.

Draw a picture inspired by something you researched! You can try to copy the artwork, or add your own ideas to it.

My example: I searched for famous artists in Peru and found Victor Delfin. I really like his animal sculptures and paintings! I combined a few of his artworks to create my own.

Step 2: Present

An important part of making artwork is reflecting on it and sharing it. To wrap up our virtual vacation, gather all of the artworks you completed. Choose a person to share your work with. I encourage you to choose someone you don't live with - a grandparent, a teacher, a friend! Now, present your vacation and your artworks to them. Make sure you explain why you drew them the way you did. What did you think about? What did you do well? Your presentation can be a video, photos, or a video call. You can watch the video below to see what I did.

Step 3: Sign off!

Make sure all of your artworks are signed and dated. You can share your artwork with the hashtag #virtualvacationart.

THANK YOU for joining me on this virtual vacation! I hope you had a blast on your travels!

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