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Wildflower Prints

Three woodcut prints by Nan Onkka including fireweed, bunchberries, and lady slippers.
Wildflower Woodcut Prints

I have three new additions to my wildflower series!

This series started back in 2017 when I made my first wildflower print - twin flowers. Since then, I have added wood lilies, blue irises, and lupines. My newest prints are (L to R) fireweed, bunchberries, and lady slippers.

Back when I was 18, I took my first summer job as the naturalist at a canoe camp on the edge of the boundary waters - Wilderness Canoe Base. I was very unqualified for the job, other than I was a quick learner, had an interest, and enjoyed sharing what I learned. The benefit of being a naturalist in the boreal forest is that only the heartiest of plants grow there. My training started in May and among the first plants learned were the "spring" flowers - twin flowers, bunchberries, star flowers, Canada mayflower, and the more elusive pink lady slippers. Someday I hope to have prints of all of these spring flowers.

In July and August, the fireweed starts to bloom. It blooms from the bottom to the top and local folklore says that when it reaches the top, winter is six weeks away. As I write, the fireweed is getting very close to the top!

Each of these prints is a limited edition of woodcut prints. Each consists of three layers of ink - the flower color was printed first (pinks for fireweed and lady slippers, yellow for bunchberries). Next, I printed the light green. The final layer is the darkest green/blue.

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